Xbox 360 with it’s accessories

Although you still do get the Professional version of the console in limited amounts the Elite 120GB version has really taken over in its location in the marketplace.

In no particular order we’ve firstly the X-Box 360 Elite Winter 2009 Lego Batman & Pure bundle which as the name references comprises the following:

LEGO Batman and PURE

A 120GB hard drive

Sleek console with matching wireless controller and X Box live headset

HD ready console including an HDMI interface

An Ethernet Cable

Second We have the Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition enormous Console. What is selling like crazy and makes this one really popular at the moment is due to the fact that the console has a 250GB Hard Drive in it and customised Modern Warfare 2 graphics on the medial side of the console including the much awaited Callofduty: Modern Warfare 2 sport. A fantastic thing with this bundle is it comprises 2 wireless where the consoles usually only come with one matching controls. It is also quite competitively priced.

Thirdly we’ve got the Xbox 360 Pro Bundle Holiday edition which contains your conventional Xbox 360 Pro console with the Lego Indiana Jones and Kungfu Panda Games. Not as affordable as the Lego Batman and Pure X-Box 360 Pro Packages but very closely priced.

Lastly we’ve another well-known X Box 360 Professional Bundle. The X-Box 360 Resident Evil 5 E-Lite Bundle. This includes the following:

Red console

Standard Version: Resident Evil 5 game

1 Red Wireless Controller, you are going to have 2 buy an additional red one if needed.

Hard drive that is 120GB

Token card including unique Resident Evil Premium Theme and Super Streetfighter II Turbo HD Remix that you can download via Xbox live.

This console has sold very properly from buyers with many opinion that was positive. The games console that is red looks popular but just as significantly therefore as the newer Black Modern Warfare one. Just a reference also. Microsoft is refurbishing xbox 360 games consoles as nicely, so you are able to do this also if you would like to pick up a somewhat older version at a cheaper price. Check the warranty though before you are doing this. I personally, might rather spend marginally more for a brand new updated model as they are more reliable and have better re-sale value when you wish to upgrade to a newer model maybe.

Lastly, this is not an exhaustive list of the available Xbox 360 Pro packages but is typically the principal packages which are presently accessible in the market place.